Client: emme
Role: Designer & illustrator
art direction: DEERFIELD
Copy: Summer Karaskova
UX DESIGNER: Ana Raquel Jiménez

80% of women miss at least one pill every month, which lead to unplanned pregnancies and other unpleasent side effects. Emme is an innovative healthcare company that seeks to solve this problem. The main products of the company consist of a smart birth control tracking device and an app that not only helps you take your birth control on time, but it also empower women by enabling them to know their bodies better by keeping track of their monthly cycles. 


The women’s health tech space has been underserved and currently filled with dated, overly  feminine designs. With this in mind, our goal was to develop an identity that’s modern and approachable for users. The identity utilizes a bold and energetic color palette, that sets the brand apart from the sea of pastels that dominates the industry.

The main typeface used is Intro Bold, a friendly and expressive san serif that makes a great eye catching headline typeface. Meanwhile, it’s paired with Trade Gothic and Work Sans to create a sense of visual balance.

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